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Penn State Coaching Search: AD Wants New Coach To Have Time To Talk With Recruits

Penn State athletic director Dave Joyner spoke to reporters on Thursday night about the Penn State coaching search, stating that the school has not yet chosen a permanent replacement for Joe Paterno but should do so in enough time for the new coach to take advantage of a full recruiting season. (via BWI/ Rivals)

"I'd like to get this finished so whoever the coach is going to be, whether it's Coach Bradley or somebody else, so they have enough time (to recruit)," Joyner said.

"There's that three week open period at the end there, that would be nice. I'm not going to let that (determine a deadline) if it's a couple of days one way or the other, but I think it would be very good for recruiting and I've told the recruits that. People have asked me what should recruits do, and I've said to them, look, just have them be patient and they'll have plenty of time I think to make their mind up for what they want to do with the rest of the beginning of their football career."

Reporters asked Joyner to confirm or deny a theory that Penn State had settled on a new coach but would not name him until after the bowl season, and Joyner dismissed the notion.

He also described the coaching search as "deliberate" and "purposeful," noting that the search has continued for so long because the university is dedicated to choosing the right candidate rather than choosing a candidate quickly.

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