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Penn State Coaching Search: Boise State's Chris Peterson Reportedly High On PSU's List

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Penn State needs a new coach and Boise State head man Chris Peterson could be high up on the wish list.

Chris Peterson is tired of the BCS. But what if he were coaching a BCS conference team? The Boise State coach is high on the wish list in Penn State's coaching search, according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Peterson has turned the Broncos into a perennial title contender, but that's not all that interests Penn State. The Inquirer explains:

Relatively young, consistently successful, clean-cut, and taint-free, Petersen, 47, also heads a program whose graduation rate, according to an analysis by the New America Foundation, is second only to Penn State's.

"He's the kind of guy who interests them," said the source, who requested anonymity. "I don't know if they've talked with him yet, but I'd be shocked if they didn't look at him thoroughly."

Of course, Peterson has rebuffed interest from big name schools before and Boise State is moving to its own BCS conference, the Big East, in 2013. Last season he signed a five-year contract extension that would pay him $8 million.

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