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Temple And Penn State Bloggers/Players React To Owls Win

In the span of 14.2 seconds, the emotions of Temple and Penn St. fans could not have swung more. Talor Battle hit a clutch three to tie the game with 14 seconds left, only to see Juan Fernandez hit an even more clutch 18 footer to seal it for the Owls. Let's sample the thrill of victory and agony of defeat from some of our SBNation bloggers.

Black Shoe Diaries paid tribute to Talor Battle and the other seniors that have led the Penn St. program back to relevance.

It was a great season, and a great career for the four seniors. I wish they could have extended it another game or two, but it wasn't meant to be. They had their ups and downs, and we all shared in their misery and their success. Though Penn State's run through the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament was not a memorable one, their contributions that were essential in lifting the Penn State basketball program from the depths of dispare to what it is today will never be forgotten.

John Lamb at The T Stands Alone quoted Johnny Drama's most famous line o sum up his feelings in the moments after the win.

The positive note struck by BSD seemed to be common among PSU fans. Go PSU sports also said the Nittany Lions should hold their heads high.

Thursday's loss at the buzzer was an agonizing way for the Nittany Lions to see their season come to a close, but they have nothing to hang their heads about. Penn State went down at the McKale Center in Talor Battle fashion - swinging until the final whistle.

Talor Battle was proud his teams' effort and impressed by Temple.

"You know, for the rest of my life, you know, I'll know that, you know, we didn't just come out here and get beat. You know, it took a heck of a shot, you know, from Fernandez, you know, to beat us. I bet you one thing, for the rest of our lives we'll be able to watch the 2011 one shining moment and always have to see that shot.
But I thought we fought. You know, Jeff goes down, we just kept fighting. Everybody stepped their game up. But, you know, Ramone Moore really took over the game late. Hit big shot after big shot. Just kind of willed in the wind. Unfortunately, the kid Fernandez hit a big shot for us -- I mean, for them."

Temples' Khalif Wyatt said that Juan was the logical option for the guy to take the last shot.

Juan's our leader. I mean, the ball's in his hands most of the game. So we trust Juan to make smart decisions down the stretch. And when the time came we were in the huddle I just told coach that I think our best bet was to put the ball in Juan's hands and let him make a play. And I mean, Juan made a great play and rewarded us with a win.