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College Football Rankings 2011: Penn State #25 In Preseason Poll

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USA today has released the first Preseason College Football Rankings for 2011 and the Penn State Nittany Lions just sneak in the top 25 at #25. Joe Paterno's squad finished 2010 unranked. The Oklahoma Sooners are the overwhelming #1 team with 42 first place votes followed by Alabama (13), Oregon (2), LSU (2) and Florida State rounding out the top five.

It is likely that USC would also be among the top 25, but they are ineligible to be ranked due to NCAA sanctions. Oklahoma coach Bob stoops is honored by the ranking, but thinks it doesn't mean a whole lot before the games are played.

"It's an honor to be ranked No. 1 any time, but we understand that the preseason ranking means very little compared with what it will mean months from now," says Stoops.

Stoops isn't entirely correct. Three times the preseason #1 team has won the national championship and four other times they have played in the title game. Last year's national champion, Auburn, comes in at #19 on the poll, which is the lowest rank for a defending champ since USA Today poll began. After the jump is the full top 25.

1. Oklahoma (42)

2. Alabama (13)

3. Oregon (2)

4. LSU (2)

5. Florida State

6. Stanford

7. Boise State

8. Oklahoma State

9. Texas A&M

10. Wisconsin

11. Nebraska

12. South Carolina

13. Virginia Tech

14. Arkansas

15. TCU

16. Ohio State

17. Michigan State

18. Notre Dame

19. Auburn

20. Mississippi State

21. Missouri

22. Georgia

23. Florida

24. Texas

25. Penn State