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Tom Bradley Officially Out At Penn State

Penn State Nittany Lions interim head coach and longtime assistant coach Tom Bradley is officially out of a job today (via Bradley has been with Penn State for the last 33 years, but was not hired as the full-time head coach or retained on the staff by new head coach Bill O'Brien.

Bradley first announced that he was leaving the campus on his Twitter account earlier today.

Finished packing up my office late last night. Walked out the doors proud with a lot of great memories and friends and a better man. (via Twitter)

In a prepared statement Bradley said in part

I wish Coach O'Brien all the best. No matter the challenges that the university may face, Penn State will always have my support. This is forever my home and forever my family. It is important that we come together to support our players and our university. Now is the time to demonstrate that we are - and always will be - Penn State. (via Centre Daily)

Ted Roof was officially hired as the defensive coordinator on Friday to replace Bradley.

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