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Joe Paterno Conducts Interview With Washington Post's Sally Jenkins

Former Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno conducted an interview with the Washington Post writer Sally Jenkins earlier this week, and the details of that conversation were published Saturday in an lengthy article. In the article, Paterno says very little about the case involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, but did say he's "shocked and saddened" by the sexual abuse allegations and that he "didn't know which way to go" when he was told about Sandusky's actions.

Here's a bit of what Paterno had to say:

"I think we got to wait and see what happens," Paterno said in an interview posted Saturday on the newspaper's website. "The courts are taking care of it, the legal system is taking care of it."

"...You know, he didn't want to get specific," Paterno said about former grad assistant Mike McQueary, who allegedly saw Sandusky rape a young boy in one of the Penn State shower rooms and told Paterno about the incident. "And to be frank with you I don't know that it would have done any good, because I never heard of, of, rape and a man. So I just did what I thought was best. I talked to people that I thought would be, if there was a problem, that would be following up on it."

"..I didn't know which way to go ... And rather than get in there and make a mistake," he told the Post before trailing off.

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