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Joe Paterno Near Death, According To Report

Former Penn State University football coach, Joe Paterno, is near death, according to a report. The 85 year-old Paterno has been suffering from lung cancer.

According to a breaking Twitter update from Michael Sisak of The Citizens' Voice, former Penn State University Football coach Joe Paterno is near death as he resides at a hospital.

BREAKING: Penn State coach Joe Paterno near death, family summoning close friends to hospital for final goodbyes.

Following the story on Michael Sisak's Twitter feed, Paterno's medical condition has been in question throughout the day. The former Penn State coach is suffering from lung cancer, but apparently the effects of radiation and chemotherapy have resulted in his quickly deteriorating condition.

The 85 year-old Patero was taken off his respirator this morning, but his condition is reportedly not improving and close friends and family are being summoned to the hospital to be with Paterno in possibly his final hours.

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