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Daryll Clark Reflects On The Death Of Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno

Former Penn St. Nittany Lion quarterback Daryll Clark talked in an interview about the passing of his former coach Joe Paterno, who he said "was like a father to me" (via CSN Philly) and who helped both Clark and "the Clark family."

When Clark heard about the passing of Paterno, he said he was "crushed, really devastated" and "didn't want to believe it".

Clark was at Penn State from 2005-2009. He redshirted in 2005 and did not win the starting quarterback job until 2008. Clark says he was glad that Paterno made him work hard to win the job. Having to earn his spot under center "made me a better player, made me a better person", Clark said. Looking back on his seasons at Penn State, Clark said "I cherish every moment with coach Joe."

To hear the whole interview, visit CSN Philly.

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