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LaVar Arrington Slams Penn State Over Bill O'Brien Hire

Many Penn State alum are not pleased with the hire of Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien to be the Nittany Lions head coach. Brandon Short explained the displeasure with the hire, stating the desire for the school to hire someone in the Penn State family.

Add former Penn State football player, Washington Redskin and second overall pick to the list of people currently upset with Penn State University. The retired linebacker took his opinion to Twitter, unleashing the following tweets early this morning:

PSU is hiding something there's way more going on there!

By the board doing what they've done they have in their minds effectively made Joe pattern and the football team a scapegoat

When in fact they are the very people that should've been fired due to the lack of action!

Alums I will always love you and the Penn State I knew

But until there's a new board and new leadership they can have their corrupt/disgusting school that they've created

I'm done all my PSU stuff will be down before obriens introduction! We are! No more for me!

Follow LaVar on Twitter and listen to his radio show, where he promises to explain his tweets.

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