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2012 Big Ten Football Standings: Wisconsin, Indiana to square off for title game berth

The 6-3 Wisconsin Badgers will face the 4-5 Indiana Hoosiers with a likely trip to the Big Ten Championship game on the line, as a win for Indiana would make them the likely Leaders Divisions' representative in Indianapolis.

Jerry Schultheiss-US PRESSWIRE

The battle for spots in the Big Ten title game has essentially been limited to two in each division: Nebraska and Michigan will fight for the Legends title, while Wisconsin and Indiana face off in a game that could seal the Badgers' hopes of going to Indianapolis.

The fact that the game between the 6-3 Badgers and 4-5 Hoosiers has major implications for an appearance in a title game has been the source of much derision, but it's the case: if Indiana beats Wisconsin, the teams will be tied at 3-3 in conference with two games to go, Indiana would then own the head-to-head tiebreaker and a more favorable schedule in the season's last two games. Wisconsin has long been the favorite in the division with Ohio State and Penn State ineligible, but Indiana has won back-to-back games including a come-from-behind 24-21 win over Iowa this past week.

In the other division, Nebraska's late score against Michigan State for a 28-24 win pushed them to No. 16 in the BCS and tied them with Michigan at 4-1 in conference. Nebraska holds the head-to-head tiebreaker after their 23-9 win against a Wolverines team without Denard Robinson. Michigan looked fine this past week with Devin Gardner at quarterback, coasting to a 35-13 win over Minnesota, but they would likely need to sweep the final three games of the season to go to Indianapolis.

Here's a look at the full conference standings:

Leaders Division

Ohio State 6-0 10-0
Penn State 4-1 6-3
Wisconsin 3-2 6-3
Indiana 2-3 4-5
Purdue 0-5 3-6
Illinois 0-5 2-7

Legends Division:

Nebraska 4-1 7-2
Michigan 4-1 6-3
Northwestern 3-2 7-2
Iowa 2-3 4-5
Michigan State 2-4 5-5
Minnesota 1-4 5-4