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Women's 2012 NCAA Tournament: Delaware A No. 3, Penn State A No. 4, Temple Left Out

The seeds for the 2012 Women's NCAA Tournament were announced on Monday on ESPN.

Penn State got a 4-seed in the Kingston regional and will play Conference USA Tournament champion and 13-seed UTEP on Sunday, March 18, in Baton Rouge, LA, at 5:15 p.m. on ESPN2/ESPN3.

Here's how the Kingston Regional bracket looks:

No 1. UConn vs. No. 16 Prairie View

No. 8 Kansas State vs. No. Princeton

No. 5 LSU vs. No. 12 San Diego State

No. 4 Penn State vs. No. 13 UTEP

No. 2 Kentucky vs. No. 15 McNeese State

No. 7 Green Bay vs. No. 10 Iowa State

No. 3 Miami vs. No. 14 Idaho State

No. 6 Rutgers vs. No. 11 Gonzaga

Delaware is a 3-seed in Des Moines regional against 14th-seeded Arkansas-Little Rock. Delaware will play in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 18 at 5:20 p.m. on ESPN2/ESPN3.

Here's how the Des Moines regional stacks up:

No 1. Baylor vs. No. 16 UC-Santa Barbara

No. 8 Ohio State vs. No. 9 Florida

No. 5 Georgetown vs. No. 12 Fresno State

No. 4 Georgia Tech vs. No. 13 Sacred Heart

No. 2 Tennessee vs. No. 15 UT-Martin

No. 7 DePaul vs. No. 10 BYU

No. 3 Delaware vs. No. 14 Arkansas-Little Rock

No. 6 Nebraska vs. No. 11 Kansas

Temple once projected to be a 10-seed, was left out of the tournament completely for the first time in nine years.

For more coverage of the 2012 Women's NCAA Tournament and the schedules and results of Penn State and Temple, stay tuned to our StoryStream.