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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Dottie Sandusky Expected To Testify As Witness Tuesday, According To Report

Jerry Sandusky's wife, Dottie, is expected to testify as a witness Tuesday afternoon at her husband's trial, according to a report from Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel.

Many questions have surrounded Dottie's role in Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuse of young boys, as Nate Schweber chronicled in the New York Times.

Those who believe Sandusky to be guilty have been unsure what to make of her. Had she truly been in the dark? Was she in denial? Was she, too, culpable, having, perhaps through negligence, served as an enabler?

Did she ever confront her husband about all the young boys in their lives, and in their basement playroom, and, as has been claimed in the trial, in their hotel rooms? One accuser testified that, knowing Dorothy was upstairs in the family home, he cried out for help as Sandusky raped him.

Will some of those questions begin to be answered Tuesday? If Dottie Sandusky takes the stand, they should.

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