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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Sandusky's Wife, Psychologist Testify

On Tuesday, Dottie Sandusky, wife of ex-Penn State Nittany Lions defensive coordinator Jerry, took the stand in court and defended her husband's tarnished name, according to a report.

She testified that while she remembers most of the men who are claiming her husband sexually abused them, she doesn't believe he committed those heinous crimes against them.

Also during her testimony, Dottie stated that the basement where the boys were isn't soundproof, after it was said by one of the accusers earlier in the trial that he screamed during the assault but wasn't heard.

The other witness brought onto the stand by the defense was a psychologist, Elliot Atkins, who claimed Sandusky's "creepy" letters could be the result of an issue known as Histrionic Personality Disorder, which he diagnosed him with after speaking for six hours.

Under that idea, Sandusky would act in seductive ways and only feel at ease when he was the center of attention.

The defense continued to reiterate that Sandusky is merely a family man who loves his community that has been painted in a wrongful light.

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