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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Defense Rests Without Sandusky Being Called As Witness

The defense rested Wednesday in the Jerry Sandusky trial, and the former Penn State football assistant coach who is now being tried on numerous sexual abuse charges was not called to the stand.

The jury is scheduled to begin its deliberation on Thursday after closing arguments in the morning. The judge has alerted jury members to prepare for sequestration, and the jury will not be allowed to go home once deliberation begins.

A family friend of Mike McQueary's, Dr. Jonathan Dranov, testified on Wednesday. Dranov said he was called to McQueary's house the night McQueary, a Penn State graduate assistant at the time, claims to have seen Sandusky sexually abuse a child in the Penn State locker room showers in 2001. Dranov said McQueary did not go into graphic details about what he had seen, but was "visibly shaken" by what happened.

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