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Penn State Scandal: Joe Paterno Statue To Stay For Now

According to sources, the Penn State University statue of Joe Paterno will remain for the time being.

The statue has been a source of major conjecture over the past few days since the Freeh report was released to the masses earlier this week. Many have felt the statue should be taken down out of respect for the victims of Jerry Sandusky, but apparently that won't be in Penn State's immediate plans.

"You can't let people stampede you into making a rash decision," a trustee said. "The statue represents the good that Joe did. It doesn't represent the bad that he did."

The board of trustees came together over the past few days in Scranton, PA in a previously scheduled meeting, with the statue becoming a point of debate.

After much deliberation, the trustees feel comfortable with their decision.

"It has to stay up," said another trustee. "We have to let a number of months pass, and we'll address it again. But there is no way, no way. It's just not coming down."

Some trustees seemed even more defiant in their stance of keeping Paterno's statue standing.

"They don't get to tell us," the source said about members of the public clamoring for its removal. "This is a Penn State community decision."

While the long-term viability of the monument is still in question, Penn State officials don't want to make a premature move.

"We don't want to jump the gun again," the trustee said. "When we did that in November, look where we ended up. If it does have to come down, it will be after much deliberation and discussion. If I had my way, (the statue) will always be there. People can take from it what they want."

Unquestionably, the debate will rage on while the legacy of Joe Paterno looms both figuratively and literally over Penn State.

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