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Penn State Scandal: NCAA President Admits Death Penalty Still A Possibility

Talks about the future of the Penn State football programs may not be moving as quickly as some may like, but the purposed "death penalty" hasn't been ruled out by the NCAA admitted its President Mark Emmert on Monday.

Emmert, who conducted a PBS interview, said the NCAA will not "take anything off the table" when he was asked about the possibly of shutting down the Nittany Lion football program, which has been heavily scrutinized about its handling of the sexual abuse scandal involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

Emmert said he's "never seen anything as egregious as this in terms of just overall conduct and behavior inside a university." He added, "What the appropriate penalties are, if there are determinations of violations, we'll have to decide."

In its history, the NCAA has only shutdown one football program because of rules violations and lack of institutional control. In the 1980's, SMU was forced to drop football because of extra-benefits given to players.

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