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Penn State Scandal: Football Program To Face Multiple-Year Bowl Ban, Major Loss Of Scholarships -- Report

The NCAA is expected to come down hard on the Penn State football program Monday, and a report from Yahoo! Sports Charles Robinson released Sunday is confirming experts speculation. According to a Robinson source, the NCAA's first presidential sanctioning, led by President Mark Emmert, is expected to have "significant" and "staggering" penalties that include a "'multiple-year' bowl ban" and and "'crippling' scholarship losses".

The move will mark a first in NCAA history, in which the president will invoke a defense of the NCAA’s constitution as part of his reasoning for taking the unprecedented steps. The moment is groundbreaking in that Emmert is circumventing typical NCAA process and moving forward without an investigation by his enforcement staff.

Emmert will official release the punishment at a 9 a.m. news conference on Monday morning.

On Sunday, PSU President Rodney Erickson deiced to take down the statue of former head coach Joe Paterno, who was involved in a university cover-up involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and his sexual abuse of children.

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