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Penn State Scandal: NCAA Comes Down Hard On The University

Penn State was hammered by the NCAA, including the vacation of wins and loss of scholarships among other sanctions.

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After all the smoke cleared, Penn State University and more specifically the football program found out its fate.

It turns out it will likely be a decade or so before the sport Joe Paterno made so famous in Happy Valley becomes relevant again.

Penn State was hammered with the following penalties:

  • Fined $60 million by NCAA (equivalent to one year's gross income for football team)
  • All Penn State wins vacated from 1998-2011
  • 10 scholarships lost for this season and 20 for each of next four seasons
  • Penn State cannot play in a bowl game for four years
  • University's athletic program will be on probation for five years
  • NCAA may add sanctions to individuals as criminal cases come to an end

NCAA President Mark Emmert read off the sanctions from Indianapolis, taking down the Nittany Lions for years to come after the men involved with the football program failed to report the Jerry Sandusky crimes.

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