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Penn State Scandal: NCAA May Waive Scholarship Limit For Schools That Take Penn State Transfers

With so much coming out of the NCAA's press conference on Monday, one tidbit of information leaking out is the possibility of schools getting their scholarship limit waived if they take Penn State transfers.

According to Bryan D. Fischer via Twitter, the NCAA is considering doing exactly that. If such a move is made, it would obviously help the players make a quick transfer with schools lining up to snatch them up.

Due to the length and nature of the postseason ban on Penn State, any player with four years or less of eligibility can transfer out of the university and play immediately. It would only be fair, considering none of the current athletes had any clue what they were walking into.

With such serious penalties coming down from NCAA President Mark Emmert, it would be expected many of the players will look to move on sooner rather than later from Happy Valley.

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