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Penn State Reaction: Recap Of Big Ten Punishments

The University of Penn State has had a long Monday morning.

After the NCAA came down on the school with some of the harshest punishments ever handed out, the Big Ten Conference joined in not too long ago, putting even more sanctions on the football program.

First and foremost, the school will have $13 million withheld from it in bowl money due to their being ineligible from from postseason play(part of the NCAA penalties). That money will instead be given to a much more deserving place; charity.

Second, the Nittany Lions won't be allowed to play in the Big Ten Conference Championship Game for the next four seasons, something widely expected.

The conference did say it is leaning towards letting the Penn State players transfer within the conference if they choose to do so, according to Ben Jones via twitter.

In closing, it was noted during the press conference that the Nittany Lions are still a valued member of the Big Ten, despite the recent happenings.

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