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Penn State Reaction: Long Term Effects On The Nittany Lions

The Penn State story has many twists and turns, and that's just talking about the football aspect of it.

Now that the penalties have been handed down by the NCAA and Big Ten Conference, it's time to take a look at the ramifications, which has been done by

As pointed out, the most severe of all the sanctions is the loss of scholarships over the next five years. The Nittany Lions were lambasted, losing 10 for this season and 20 total per year. Due to that penalty, Penn State will only be able to have 15 kids on scholarship per incoming class.

Without question, the Nittany Lions are in for some brutal years of football, despite how well they recruit.

According to multiple reports, cornerback Ross Douglas has already skipped town while tight end Adam Breneman has issued a no-comment. It's impossible to blame anyone who is one the way out, considering they will never see a bowl game or likely an average team during their time in Happy Valley.

Perhaps the biggest impact though won't be seen for years. When the school has it's full amount of scholarships available once again in 2017, how many recruits will want to play for Penn State? Remember, it's more than plausible at that point the school will be trying to rebuild from virtually nothing.

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