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Penn State Football Reaction: SB Nation Studios Breaks Down NCAA Sanctions

The NCAA handed out an unprecedented amount of punishment to the Penn State football program on Monday, and in case you missed it the crew at SB Nation studios has posted a video on its YouTube page breaking down all the sanctions.

Penn State Scandal: NCAA Imposes Major Sanctions on Football Team (via sbnation)

Most of the reaction regarding the NCAA penalties have been positive, though, there's still a lot of debate on whether or not they were too harsh, not harsh enough or just right. SB Nation is asking readers and viewers for their opinion on the matter. So, check out the video and voice your opinion over at SB Nation's YouTube page.

For more news on Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, the NCAA penalties, check back to to this SB Nation Philly StoryStream or visit the SB Nation college football home page. Meanwhile, all discussion and commentary can be found at the SB Nation blog Black Shoes Diaries.