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Penn State Will Reportedly Change Iconic Uniforms

Penn State are looking into altering their iconic look according to a report from Rich Scarcella of the Reading Eagle. Scarecella spoke to the parents of Penn State football players, who had a conference call with head coach Bill O'Brien earlier this week.

Along with assuring the parents that there will be extra security for their sons at away games and talking about the NCAA sanctions handed down to the program on Monday, O'Brien told the parents that the athletic department were talking to Nike about changing their uniforms, although the change might not happen until next year, with O'Brien telling the parents,

"It might be easier said than done (for this season). I'm not sure we can get it done this year."

Along with altering the uniforms, O'Brien is also talking about putting names on the backs of the uniforms. Something that never happened with Paterno at the helm.

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