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NFL Combine 2013 results: Fringe prospect Michael Mauti shows strength

Jordan Hill is the most likely Penn State player to get drafted, but Michael Mauti's performance on the bench press at this week's NFL Draft Combine was elite - even if most don't think the linebacker is.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Mauti was fighting to earn a selection in the NFL Draft at the combine in Indianapolis. He wasn't able to participate in most of the drills, but he didn't do badly in the one who did.

The leader of Penn State's defense this past year, Mauti might not have the athleticism to make it as an NFL linebacker. But he definitely has the strength: his 28 reps on the bench press were the third-most amongst linebackers. By comparison, fellow Nittany Lions Jordan Hill and Matt Stankiewitch - a defensive tackle and offensive lineman, and therefore expected to be able to do more - managed 28 and 27 respectively.

Hill is easily the most likely to get drafted out of the three from Penn State, but he wasn't much more than average in any of the drills he participated in. He ran a 5.23 40 - not a big issue for defensive tackles - but his broad jump, meant to show explosiveness, was 103 inches, one of the worst amongst defensive linemen.

Temple's Montel Harris is a longshot to get drafted, and he didn't have a great go of it either: his 4.68 40 time is pretty slow for a running back, and he didn't really impress in any of the other drills either.

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