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Allen Iverson Reaches Deal To Play In Turkey

Yahoo Sports is reporting that former Sixer Allen Iverson has agreed to a deal to play for Besiktas of the Turkish professional league and will report to them by Oct. 31. It's a two-year contract worth up to $4 million that is reportedly incentive laden. Iverson will also have an opt out clause where he can leave after this year.


The story also claims that Iverson turned down a more lucrative deal in China because he's more intrigued about the idea of playing in Istanbul. Besiktas, who is perennially one of the best teams in Turkey, began its season on Oct. 19 and the team is 1-1. It's expected that Iverson could make his debut on Nov. 6.


So is this a sad end to his NBA career or might Iverson be pushing a new frontier? Could it become more common to see American basketball stars spent the twilight years of their career in Europe like aging European soccer stars will sometimes come to play in the United States?


It should be interesting to see how long Iverson lasts over there.