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NBA Power Rankings Week 3: It Does Get Worse Than The Sixers!

The 76ers are coming off a week where they went on a pretty miserable road trip facing most of the Western conference’s best teams. Unsurprisingly, they were swept. We’ve got them falling down two spots from #11 in the Eastern Conference to #13.

Philly had a tough week, facing some of the best of the West. They lost to all three, and now sit with a terrible 2-8 record. Shooting a plethora of threes and making lateral moves over the off-season just doesn’t win you games.

I suppose the Sixers can take some solace in the fact that they aren’t in the cellar. Both the Washington Wizards and the Toronto Raptors are still ranked lower than Philadelphia.

Things do get a bit easier for the Sixers this week as they face the not very good Cleveland Cavaliers and the awful Toronto Raptors. On Friday they host the so-so Milwaukee Bucks.