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Wizards beat Sixers by one point in overtime

Get used to this.

The Wizards and Sixers fought back and forth all game and only a Cartier Martin miracle three kept the Sixers out of the win column. He should have been fouled before the shot went off. In overtime, Andre Iguodala missed the final shot to ensure Doug Collins being winless in his four attempts.

Doug Collins showed his huevos by sticking with a lineup that worked in the later stages of the game. Lou, Jrue, Turner, Thad, and Brand was the lineup in crunch time. Offensively, the fourth quarter was great, tallying 40 points in the final frame. Elton Brand continued to play well, scoring 21 points on 9 shots and adding 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals. He fouled out late in the game. Louis Williams scored the bulk of his 30 points from the foul line in the fourth, hitting some crucial free throws and a few fadeaway three’s that shouldn’t have fallen. Evan Turner went toe to toe with John Wall a number of times to the crowd’s delight. Turner doesn’t have as big of a role on this team as John Wall does, so to compare them now, after one game, would be pointless. Wall was the better player coming out of the draft — that’s why he was the number one pick.

Ultimately, it was the offense’s inability to hold onto the ball that was their undoing. 22 turnovers, aided by 9 John Wall steals, isn’t going to win you basketball games. Defense was mediocre as well. Nick Young (again) was murderous early on and ended with 20 points in just 23 minutes. Andray Blatche stepped out and hit jump shots all day long.

Jrue Holiday played a better game, especially in the first half, but really couldn’t stay in control with the ball late in the game. Wall got his hands in the passing lanes far too much. Hawes and Speights were better, but still entirely too invisible for our centers.

0-4 and they have Indiana for the second time tomorrow night. Rough start for Doug Collins, but close losses help both development and ping pong balls, so if you ask me (you are), this is great.