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Sixers Vs Hawks: Philly Clings to 5 Point Lead Heading Into Fourth

The Sixers hot shooting started to falter a bit, dropping to just over 50%, and the Hawks road a late run to cut the lead to 5 points. Marvin Williams leads the way for Atlanta with 18, although he’s only got one rebound. Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes continue to dominate the defensive glass, keeping Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford at bay.

Missing shots will happen, but when they settle for outside shots, it’s going to happen more often. They’ve only gotten to the line 13 times so far tonight, and only 3 times combined from Iguodala, Brand, and Holiday. That’s not enough. The offense isn’t moving the ball around enough, people are standing still and setting lackadaisical picks. Keep moving, get the Hawks off-balance and push the ball after outlet passes. With a strong quarter, the Sixers could keep the winning streak alive.

I’m just hoping Tony Battie doesn’t play more than 3 minutes this quarter.