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Stephen A Smith: Denver Nuggets "Badly" Want Andre Iguodala

Stephen A Smith is also reporting that the Sixers and Denver Nuggets are in talks about disgruntled F Carmelo Anthony, but he’s hearing that the Nuggets are big fans of Andre Iguodala.

A well-connected league source said the Sixers have been speaking with the Nuggets about potential trade scenarios and that Denver is interested because they badly want Andre Iguodala. The Sixers will jump at the opportunity to land Anthony, but only for themselves. The source said they are not interested in facilitating a multi-team deal.

Problem is, Stephen A also reports that Carmelo Anthony does not want to come to the Sixers. Anthony’s unwillingness to come to Philadelphia should come as good news for our Sixers’ blog, Liberty Ballers, who are categorically opposed to the proposed trade.