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Pat Croce Discovers Wreckage Of Sir Francis Drake's Ship

Is there anyone that lives a more amazing life than Pat Croce? The guy who grew up in Philly made a fortune with his own fitness business, became part owner and president of the Sixers leading them to a revival and a finals appearance, scaled the Walt Whitman bridge and now... he's found the sunken ships of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake.


Croce, the self proclaimed "pirate aficionado," owns and operates a pirate museum in St. Augustine, Florida and has always had a fascination with them. But like everything in his life, he wasn't content to sit back. He jumped into his hobby with both feet and went exploring for the long lost shipwrecks of Sir Francis Drake near Panama. Like he has in so many things, Croce was successful. 


"Explorers have been trying to do this stuff forever, and here I am, a homeboy from Philadelphia in the Caribbean and we score!" Croce told the Daily News.


It's really an amazing story and just another chapter in the pretty amazing life of one of Philadelphia's favorite sons. Be sure to read more in the Daily News story.