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Owners, Players Optimistic About NBA Lockout Resolution

The owners and players are increasingly optimistic that the NBA Lockout could end soon.

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Good NBA lockout news has been hard to come by, but the owners and players are reportedly closer to a deal after working out some key issues on Wednesday night. The two sides met for a 15-hour negotiating marathon.

The owners and players will meet again at 2 p.m. on Thursday, and a deal could actually get done. "They need [Thursday] to punch it over end line," a source told Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowki. Of course, that's just talk from one source, but if that truly is a case a deal could be coming soon.

Indeed, while there have been no new details concerning the terms of an agreement, it seems that both side appear increasingly optimistic that a deal is close to being reached, perhaps even saving a full 82-game schedule.

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