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NBA Trade Deadline: Deron Williams Traded To New Jersey Nets

Just a day after being beaten to Carmelo Anthony by the Knicks, the New Jersey Nets might have pulled of the coup of the trade deadline. Almost out of no where the Nets traded for one of the NBA’s top players, Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz. The Nets will reportedly send two first round picks, their first rounder from last year Derrick Favors & Devin Harris in exchange for the all star point guard.

So as the Nets prepare to move to Brooklyn and compete head on with the Knicks for New York’s attention, they got the superstar they were after. In fact, in the opinion of many, Williams is an even better player than Anthony. Perhaps even more important for the Nets, this move may very well keep Williams away from the Knicks next season if they can sign him long term.

What does it mean for our Sixers? Just like the Knicks trade, one more superstar in the East means an even more competitive conference. What could be concerning is that New Jersey is a team the Sixers were better than, so not only are teams on their level getting better (Knicks), so are teams below them.

As Michael Vick tweeted today, "Deron Williams on the Nets now ...... The east is like a fantasy league !"