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NBA Trade Rumors: Sixers Not Likely To Deal

There has been a lot of speculation leading up to the NBA trade deadline as to whether the Sixers would be buyers or sellers. It appears that all along the answer was neither. With the NBA trade deadline just three hours away and the rumor mill churning for other teams, the the Sixers, it seems, will stand pat.

Some Sixers fans have been clamoring for a move after seeing Atlantic division rivals New York and New Jersey acquiring superstars Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams. However, the Sixers aren’t in the same position as those teams. As we’ve seen lately, Doug Collins has the team playing well. They have winning records in each of the last three months, the first time they’ve pulled that off since 2000-2001. The team is 25-16 since starting the season 3-13. There’s really no reason to make a roster shaking move, especially considering how unlikely it is that there’s one out there that would actually help the team this year.

If the Sixers do anything, it will likely be a minor deal involving one of their expiring contracts like Jason Kapono or Darius Sonaglia. In fact, there seems to be a strong feeling that if they can’t deal Kapono, they may just buy him out.

So it looks like Sixers fan are stuck with the roster they’ve got… which really isn’t so bad.