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Van Gundy: "It's Not All Miami And New York"

Last night, the Philadelphia 76ers (the 6th seed in the East) beat the Chicago Bulls (#1 in the East) in Chicago in convincing fashion. The Knicks, sitting 7th in the East and mired in a 6 game losing streak, managed to beat the Orlando Magic. The Sixers win was a mere mention, the Knicks win was headline news on ESPN. Even though the Knicks, sitting in 7th, are a sub .500 team that is at best no better and at worst, worse after they acquired a “second superstar,” they’re being treated as if they’re the Miami Heat, another team ESPN won’t stop with.

So when Magic coach Stan Van Gundy asked whether his team was “worried” about the Knicks, he said what we’ve all been thinking.

“[Y]ou guys think our overwhelming (concern) is ’what’s happening with Miami and New York?’ Quite honestly, we don’t give a damn … It’s not all Miami and New York. I know to ESPN it is, but to the rest of us, we actually think some of the rest of the teams matter.”

Good for you Stan, good for you.