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Via Twitter, Evan Turner Clowns Spencer Hawes' Style

Sixers swingman Evan Turner hasn't enjoyed much success yet at the pro level, averaging just 7.1 points per game and shooting a meager 42.2 percent in his first season. The 22-year-old can certainly improve on the court, in a number of ways.

But off the court, Turner has swag for days. Via Twitter, he's taken to dissing starting center Spencer Hawes for his fashion choices. Turner, Hawes, and Marreese Speights are attending a bone-marrow drive hosted by Sixers guard Louis Williams--you can read more about it in this Liberty Ballers post--and Hawes showed up looking like this:

"#swagneeded," wrote Turner to his Twitter followers in distributing the photo of Hawes.

Turner took his ribbing a step further when he tweeted a close-up of Hawes' low-top Chuck Taylors and asked, "WHERE ARE YOUR SOCKS??"

Teammates riding each other for poor fashion choices is nothing new, but thanks to Twitter, we can see it happen live and in real time.

No word on if Hawes, now in his fourth season, plans to fire back at the insubordinate rookie, but if he does, you may want to keep an eye on his Twitter account.