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NBA Playoff Schedue: Miami Heat Host 76ers Saturday On ABC

So much for all my logic trying to determine when the SIxers vs Heat playoff series would start. ABC has decided to put the Heat vs Sixers right up against the Flyers vs Sabres NHL playoff game this Saturday at 3:30.

The Flyers and Sabres will face off at 5pm, in Philadelphia. I assumed that if the Sixers vs Heat series began on Sunday, the series would end up fitting perfectly on the off days of the Flyers’ series. How silly of me… Obviously ABC is not particularly concerned with the Philadelphia market as they see this game as the one with the most national appeal with the Heat involved. They’re not going to let the small issue of another playoff game featuring a local team get in the way of the postseason debut of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and those other guys…

The other Saturday NBA playoff games will feature the Pacers and Bulls at 1pm and Hawks at Magic at 7 both on ESPN.