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2011 NBA Mock Draft Roundup

Early last week, quoted a Sixers source who said that the team was focusing on big men in the upcoming NBA Draft. The exact line from the story was, "a source close to the team said they will not be looking at anyone 'under 6-8. We need a big." The mock drafters around the web have taken this "no one under 6-8" rule to heart and have mocking big men to the Sixers.

The most popular name still continues to be Morris, Markeiff or Marcus, the Philly born twins who starred for Kansas last season. All but two of the mock drafts in our roundup have the Sixers taking one of the twins, with Markieff being the most common.

Ben Golliver, CBS Sports - Markieff Morris, Kansas

With contract decisions coming on the horizon, Philly's young frontcourt gets one man deeper.

Dave Del Grande, CBS Sports - Markieff Morris, Kansas

The 76ers need someone more like Samuel Dalembert, but he doesn't exist this low in the draft. So taking the most defensive minded power forward has to suffice.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports - Lucas Riva Nogueira, Asefa Estudiantes (Spain):

7-0, high upside. The Sixers can afford to take a project with the core they have. Nogueira could replace Hawes by end of season if things go right, or be the long-term solution.

The Hoops Report - Marcus Morris, Kansas

The Sixers need help down low with some post depth. Marcus Morris is a versatile forward that can rebound and score in the post but can also handle the ball and knock down jumpers. He will add a scoring punch to the Sixers frontcourt

SBNation - Tristan Thompson, Texas

Chad Ford, ESPN - Markieff Morris, Kansas

The Sixers really need a big man, and Morris, a Philly native, is the best left on the board. Morris has a rep as a good defender, shot-blocker and rebounder -- but he also proved at Kansas this year that he can step out and hit the 3. He's a bit rawer than his brother, but he's a good get at this point in the draft.