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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Previewing the Rest of the Draft Field

In all likelihood the Sixers will take a big man in this year’s draft.  The front office has said it, Doug Collins has said it, and every fan in the tri state area has said it.  All that being said, that doesn’t completely rule out the 76ers going after the best player available if he matches the direction they want to go.   Along with the help of the brain trust, I will now break down the other options for the Sixers at 16, and beyond.

Jimmer Fredette


Ok everyone sit down please and relax…Preferably keep your hands above your waist.  I understand the very sight of this name causes sweating, fainting and possible giddiness, but we still need to see if he is a proper fit for this team.

Jimmer is a complicated case.  On one hand he would cause an immediate spike in attendance and an interest in the Sixers once again.  Merchandise sales would receive a significant boost with kids throughout the area sporting a Fredette Sixers jersey.  There would be a buzz in the city comparable to the Phillies.  Then he would step onto the court…That is when it could all come crashing down.

I will be the first to admit I wasn’t a huge Jimmer fan from the start.  A 2010 Census has the white population at around 224,000,000…which means that I may be 1 of 224,000,000 who is not currently suffering from Jimmermania.  That doesn’t mean I have a general dislike for the guy, I am just saying I don’t always agree with his shot selection. 

As a basketball instructor I see the effects of his popularity everyday, as the high school and college kids I train continually pull up from 6 feet beyond NBA range for no apparent reason.  I am reminded of the infamous AND 1 Mix Tape epidemic of the early 2000’s.  Both are almost hindrances on the game of basketball.  I appreciate Jimmer’s ability to continuously hit near half courters, but for a kid trying to crack a high school starting lineup it is far more discouraging.

In regard to Fredette’s game, I do see several positives.  He is an unbelievable shooter, there is no denying that.  He has a knack for scoring, and scoring in bunches.  He extends defenses creating openings for the rest of the team.  He is a physical player who is strong enough to defend.  My biggest issue with Jimmer is his shot selection and height.

Let’s start with his height.  Jimmer, who is listed at 6’2", is not quick enough to be an NBA point guard, but may not be big enough to play any other position.  In college he wasn’t exposed like he could be in the league.

Fredette’s shot selection may also come into question.  Yes he was the main option at BYU, therefore when he crossed half court and fired a three, it was not a huge issue.  However in his pro career it will be.  Jimmer must learn the right and wrong time to shoot the ball.  If he doesn’t, he could draw the wrath of his teammates.

To be perfectly honest, I feel like Jimmer is the only player to consider outside of a big man.  There are players like Jordan Hamilton and Tyler Honeycutt who can shoot the ball, but not consistently enough.  Klay Thompson, if he falls, could be discussed as well, but I don’t see him falling.  Personally I don’t think the Sixers will waste a draft pick on anything other than a big, unless they are a big name.

The second round however could be the time to lock up that shooter they are looking for like say…

Kyle Singler


Another big name, who could be had at a discount.  Again large question marks surround Singler.  According to one member of the “brain trust” he is “A way worse pro version of Mike Dunleavy.”  He could make a case because of his leadership, heart and ability.  A player in the mold of Shane Battier but a few inches smaller.

Singler would have to fall out of scouts favor over the next few weeks if the Sixers would have a chance with the 50th pick.

Depending on how the first round goes, the Sixers may still have a need for size in round two.  Of the players who may be available at 50 only one really intrigues me.

Keith Benson


I am a big Keith Benson fan.  I have heard the knocks against him…He’s from a small school.  His stats are inflated because of this.  He is too skinny.  These all sound familiar to me because I had a similar scouting report coming out of college.  Though, unlike me Benson is a tremendous athlete. 

The pros about Benson, in my opinion, outweigh the cons.  He is able to step out and shoot, plays with energy, can rebound and defend.  He is also very coachable, which can greatly improve his potential.  His weight will increase once there is an NBA strength coach working him out.  If he happens to fall, this is a pick the Sixers need to make.