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2011 NBA Draft: Bismack Biyombo Flops At Adidas Eurocamp

Bismack Biyombo has become a darling of our pals over at Liberty Ballers, where the community voted him at #1 on their big board. The general feeling is that while he'd be a great fit with the Sixers, he won't be there when they pick at #16. However, after what is being called a disappointing performance at the Adidas Eurocamp, there might be a chance he slips a bit. Chad Ford was in Treviso, Italy for the workouts and wasn't impressed with the 6-9 PF from the Congo.

Biyombo decided to skip the game and workout portion of the camp and instead held a one man workout for about 100 NBA scouts.  The workout seemed to focus on everything he isn't good at and ignored his strengths.

 Instead of being reminded of why so many fell in love with him at the Nike Hoop Summit -- his amazing rebounding and shot-blocking -- we were shown his weaknesses for roughly 30 minutes.

As one GM summed it up, "Bismack Biyombo played one-against-none today … and he lost."

Ford said that Biyombo missed "75-80%" of the perimeter shots he took in the workout. That said, Ford doubts the poor workout will do much to his draft stock. After all, it's not as if anyone was thinking he was a great shooter anyway. Any team that takes him is doing so for rebounding and defense. Ford says he could go anywhere "between 8 and 20."