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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Releases Mock Draft 6.0

ESPN's NBA draft guru Chad Ford has released his sixth 2011 NBA mock draft with just a day to go before the actual draft is upon us. His top five has just one change from his 5th draft. The Cavaliers take Kyrie Irving, T’Wolves take Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight heads to Utah, Enes Canter to the Cavs and Jan Vesely goes to Toronto at #5. Previously he had the Cavs taking Jonas Valanciunas at #4. He says Cleveland is still very high on him, but a complicated buyout situation with his team in Lithuania may prevent him from coming to the NBA next season.

The rest of his top 10 had only one change. Bismak Biyombo replaces Kawhi Leonard at #8 to the Pistons. The rest of his top 10 are as follows: #6 Enes Kanter, #7 Kawhi Leonard. #8 Kemba Walker, #9 Marcus Morris, #10 Klay Thompson.

For the 76ers, Ford has flipped back and forth between the two big Texas prospects over the last couple weeks. True to form, he had them taking Tristan Thompson last week, but has them grabbing Jordan Hamilton this time around.

The Sixers need size, but they also need shooting. With Andre Iguodala on the trading block, don't be surprised to see them grab Hamilton.

His ability to shoot the ball from range, combined with solid rebounding ability, could make him a surprise pick for Philly. Nikola Vucevic, Donatas Motiejunas and Markieff Morris are also possibilities here.

Ford also mocked the second round, where he has the Sixers taking Oakland center Keith Benson.

The Sixers continue to need bigs and Benson is one of the biggest players in the draft. He's skilled and a very good athlete for his size, he just needs to get stronger and improve his motor.

Benson is 6-11 with a big 7-4 wingspan and a 9-2 reach. He's very long and lanky is a good leaper and runs the floor well. However, his defense and overall toughness have been called into question. Still, with so few true centers in this draft class, Benson has become a bit of an interesting prospect.

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