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NBA Trade Rumors: Possiblity Of Andre Iguodala For Timberwolves' #2 Overall Pick "Definitely Real"

Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick is reporting that the Sixers and Timberwolves have discussed a deal that could send Andre Iguodala to the Timberwolves for the #2 overall pick in this evening’s draft. According to Amick, a rival GM believes that the deal could happen.

Iguodala is in play for Minnesota as well, according to a rival general manager who called the possibility of the Sixers acquiring the No. 2 pick in a package for their 27-year-old swingman “definitely real.” The Timberwolves have been seeking a high-level veteran in exchange for the second selection in Thursday’s draft and other pieces.

Michael Levin over at Liberty Ballers likes the deal and feels like it fits what the Sixers mission should be right now.

I’m just excited that this deal is getting tossed around. I don’t hate the Lakers deal and I’m beginning to warm on the Kaman deal compared to others. Still, either the Minnesota or Cleveland deal would be better for the Sixers franchise moving forward. A few meaningless wins are nothing but that. Clearing space and getting younger should be the focus here.

Should the Sixers trade up to #2, they would be most likely to take a guy like Enes Kanter or Derrick Williams.

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