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Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Andre Iguodala-Chris Kaman Swap "Dead"

Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times writes that the rumor surrounding a possible Chris Kaman-for-Andre Iguodala was just smoke after the gun fight:

This doesn't mean that Clippers' center Chris Kaman will be dealt Thursday — the day of the NBA draft — or that he won't be traded. It just illustrates that trade rumors often start circulating after a deal is dead. More often than not, serious negotiations take place and silence ensues when deals are close to completion.

Kaman has one year left on his contract at $12.2 million (WHAT!?). Combine that salary with a nagging injury and you have a no go. The Sixers didn't even make a counter offer!

Apparently, this was enough for the 76ers not to pursue a deal or even present a counteroffer to an early-May proposal of Kaman and Clippers small forward Ryan Gomes in exchange for small forward Andre Iguodala and power forward Marreese Speights.

On to the next rumor!