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Thaddeus Young leaning towards staying stateside

While we previously reported that Thaddeus Young was exploring his options in China, in an interview with Slam Online the 76ers restricted free agent says he’s leaning towards staying stateside.

"As of right now—let’s clear this up—I’m not going to China," Young told Slam. "There are definitely a lot of opportunities over there for me, and we’ve been in talks with a lot of different Chinese teams. It’s still not out of the whole picture. But we’re leaning towards staying over here."

Going to China would pose significant risks for Young, as China will only sign NBA players not currently under contract, and will not offer an out clause that will allow him to return to the NBA while he’s under contract, similar to what many European clubs are doing. With Young looking at a sizable payday if the lockout gets resolved, the injury risk and guarantee that he won’t play in the NBA during 2011-2012 would be a gamble.

Young is currently down in Houston with John Lucas, working primarily on developing his mid-range game.