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Xavier Silas signs overseas

Xavier Silas, who had previously been given a verbal commitment to be invited to Sixers training camp (if and when that happens) has decided instead to sign overseas with BCM Gravelines in France, according to Scott Schroeder.

The Sixers had previously asked Silas to pass up on any overseas offers and instead wait to attend their training camp when league activities resume.

Silas averaged 22.3 points and 4.6 rebounds as a Senior with the Northern Illinois Huskies last year, while being named first team All-MAC.

Whether it was the length of the lockout or an overwhelming offer, or a combination of both, that caused Silas to reconsider is currently unknown.

It has yet to be reported whether Silas has an out should the lockout end. Even if he does, without a guaranteed contract (or even an offer), he would likely stay overseas for the duration of the contract.