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Iverson returning to Philadelphia ?

Allen Iverson could be returning to Philly to play in The Battle of I95 Sunday at the Palestra.

ESPN is reporting a source close to the situation that says Allen Iverson is "supposed" to play for Team Philly in Sunday's 6 PM exhibition game at the Palestra.  Rahim Thompson, organizer of the event and commissioner of The Chosen League, has neither confirmed nor denied the report.

This contradicts an earlier report from Iverson's manager, Gary Moore, that he was not going to play in the game.

Iverson would be joining a Philly team that includes Tyreke Evans, Hakim Warrick,Louis Williams, the Morris twins (Marcus and Markieff), Kyle Lowry, and Wayne Ellington against a loaded team that stars Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.

Iverson spent two controversial tours with the Sixers, including winning a league Most Valuable Player award and a trip to the finals during the 2000-2001 season.  It would be his first return to the Philadelphia basketball courts, albeit in an exhibition game, since he left the Sixers for personal reasons in February 2010.

The game is currently sold out.  It will be streamed online at