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2012 NBA Power Rankings: Philadelphia 76ers Continue Rise

A busy week only allowed the Philadelphia 76ers more chances to impress NBA fans and analysts.

After Philadelphia's 4-1 week, the 76ers moved from No. 6 to No. 4 in SB Nation's latest 2012 NBA Power Rankings. Tom Ziller writes that the Sixers (9-3) have done a lot to be proud of, but cautions that the path to wins won't always remain so simple.

The Sixers will fall back to Earth in efficiency differential and margin of victory once the schedule toughens up, but you have to respect what the team has done to date. Even if much of it is against teams like the Wizards.

The schedule gets tougher quickly. After beginning the week Monday by hosting Milwaukee, the 76ers complete the week against three teams almost certain to reach the postseason -- the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, Atlanta Hawks on Friday and Miami Heat on Saturday.

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