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Bucks Vs. Sixers: Jrue Holiday Discusses His Strong Game

Jrue Holiday scored 24 points on Monday night to lead the Philadelphia 76ers to a 94-82 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. Afterward, the guard spoke about his performance to reporters.

"I felt real comfortable. I think I just kind of slowed down, let the game come to me. It felt like it was probably one of my best games so far," said Holiday.

He added, "I think it's just reading the game, reading the teams that we play against, doing a good scouting report. I think a lot of rest is helping -- when you're rested, your mind is focused and you can focus on the scouting report."

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Coach Doug Collins said that when Holiday plays like he did Monday, it changes the Sixers.

"I thought it was his best game," he said. "I thought it was his liveliest game on both ends of the floor. When Jrue and 'Dre (Andre Iguodala) are good for us, we have good starts. They get us rolling, and I thought from the opening tip tonight 'Dre and Jrue were really good."

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