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76ers Vs. Bobcats: Sixers Defeat Bobcats 89-72

The Philadelphia 76ers bounced back from an overtime loss to the New Jersey Nets on Friday night when they defeated the Charlotte Bobcats at home by a score of 89-72. By doing so, the Sixers now have a record 13-6 which puts them in third place in the Eastern Conference and first place in the Atlantic Division. The Bobcats now have a record of 3-17, which puts them in last place in the conference and in the Southeast Division.

The 76ers were led by guard Lou Williams, who came off the bench to score 17 points. Starters Jrue Holiday scored 15, Jodie Meeks scored 14, Andre Iguodala scored nine and both Elton Brand and Tony Battle scored four points. Thaddeus Young came off the bench to score 10 while Lavoy Allen added eight and Evan Turner and Andres Nocioni both scored four points.

The Bobcats were led by guard Kemba Walker, who scored 14 points in Philly. Boris Diaw scored 10, Tyrus Thomas scored nine, Gerald Henderson scored seven and DeSagana Diop added four. Both Matt Carroll and Derrick Brown came off the bench to add 11 points while Byron Mullens scored four and Bismack Biyombo added two.

The 76ers' next game is also at home against the Detroit Pistons on Saturday at 7 p.m. (ET) and the Bobcats, who have now lost seven games in a row, go home to host the Washington Wizards on the same day.

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