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NBA Standings 2012: Philadelphia 76ers First Place In Atlantic Division; Tied For Third Overall In Eastern Conference

Saturday's 95-74 victory over the visiting Detroit Pistons helped the Philadelphia 76ers keep the first-place spot in the NBA Standings. As of Sunday, the 76ers (14-6) have a four-game advantage over the Boston Celtics (9-9) in the East Conference's Atlantic Division, which features the New Jersey Nets (7-13) and New York Knicks (7-13) in third place and the Toronto Raptors (6-14) in last place.

Atlantic Standings

Philadelphia 14 6 .700 0 Won 2
Boston 9 9 .500 4 Won 4
New Jersey 7 13 .350 7 Won 2
New York 7 13 .350 7 Lost 3
Toronto 6 14 .300 8 Lost 1

(updated 1.29.2012 at 2:54 PM EST)

Overall, the 76ers, who have won three of their last four games, are in third-place tie in the Eastern Conference standings with the Atlanta Hawks (14-6). Currently, the Chicago Bulls (17-4) are in first place, while the Miami Heat (14-5) are in second place.

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