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Andrew Bynum to undergo knee operation

Philadelphia 76ers newly-acquired center Andrew Bynum is scheduled to have work done on his knee.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum is scheduled to undergo another knee surgery to lubricate his joints, according to Liberty Ballers.

The procedure is not uncommon and the team stated it was previously scheduled, so no need for Philly fans to panic.

However, Bynum has had a history of injury issues in the past which makes this at least somewhat concerning. Despite the operation, the Sixers have stated that they feel Bynum can make a late October return. If Bynum does come back in that timeframe, he may not even miss a regular season contest.

As Liberty Ballers points out, the whole story does seem a tad curious:

This is the first time we are learning of a knee operation Andrew Bynum is having that is purportedly previously scheduled. If this previously scheduled knee operation was really previously scheduled, wouldn't this news have come out sooner?

The 76ers' first regular season game is on Oct. 31 against the Denver Nuggets.